First Unitarian Universalist Church of Salt Lake City: The Second Hundred Years



Table of Contents

Preface: About the presentation of this History as a Digital Book, by Allan Ainsworth

Foreword, by F. Alan Coombs


Introduction, by Allan Ainsworth

Part 1: The First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City and its Role in the Greater Community 

An Overview of Social Justice Work: Theory and Praxis, by Reverend Tom Goldsmith

Sale of Main Street to the LDS Church, by Reverend Tom Goldsmith

Jazz Vespers: I, by John Rasmuson

Jazz Vespers: II, by Reverend Tom Goldsmith

A Brief History of First Unitarian Church’s Engagement with Planned Parenthood/People’s Justice Forum by Reverend Monica Dobbins

History of Humanists of Utah. by Wayne Wilson

Highway 65 Cleanup, by John Rasmuson

First Unitarian Schools by Lex Hemphill

First Unitarian Church Supporting its LGBTQ Members and Friends, by Michele Page and Sue Geary

Twenty Years Resettling Refugees, by John Rasmuson 

The Role of the Pandemic and its effects on the church, by Tom Huckin and Allan Ainsworth

Part 2: The Internal workings of the Church 

First Unitarian Campus, by Lex Hemphill

First Unitarian Church Nursery, by Lex Hemphill

Spirituality and the First Unitarian Church, by Allan Ainsworth

Small Group Ministries, by John Rasmuson

Endowment Fund History, by Cathy Chambless

What’s on our Plate? (WOOP), by Vickie Steffey

A History of the Fine Arts and Crafts Fair, by William B. Reed 

Church Campouts Narrative by William B. Reed 


Alan Coombs

Annual Auction discussion (Teresa Dieringer and Michelle Page)

Tim DeChristopher

Monica Dobbins

Pete & Amanda Esko

Tom Goldsmith

David Halliday

Becky Heal

Jazz Vespers at 25

Julie Miller

Phil & Nancy Moos

David Owens

David Owens & David Zabriski

RadioWest’s “Sanctuary” video

Pat Shea

Harold Straughn

Additional Resources